Keystone Sidewalk Shed & Scaffolding NYC

About Us

Keystone Shed and Scaffolding is a trusted provider of quality storage solutions and access equipment based in NYC. Founded decades ago, we have grown over the years based on a reputation for skilled workmanship and outstanding service across the region.

We operate multiple production facilities and office locations in NYC and Its surrounding areas. With extensive experience erecting all types of sheds, garages, and backyard structures as well as installing commercial and industrial scaffolding, our dedicated team has the resources and capabilities to take on residential, business, and large-scale projects of all kinds.

Our History

Keystone  Shed and Scaffolding has proudly served clients in the City area for decades. Established in the 90s, our reputation has grown for quality workmanship.


Key milestones over the years include:

  • Expanding to a second production facility to meet growing demand. This allowed us to increase output and take on more sizable contracts.
  • Becoming a leading regional provider of commercial and industrial scaffolding installation and rental services. Major multi-month projects during this time included scaffolding for large corporate headquarters and office building renovations.
  • Opening our branches years ago to provide better service to customers throughout the region.
  • Continued growth as the preferred shed and scaffolding specialist for homeowners, small businesses, and large general contractors alike within a 75-mile radius.


Today our diverse capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction position us as a leading single-source provider of storage structures and access equipment across our service area.

Our Services

Keystone Shed and Scaffolding provides a range of access equipment and site solutions:

  • Temporary Fence Rental – We offer temporary fencing rentals to securely contain job sites and events. Our fence panels and gates can be configured to specification.
  • Jersey Barrier Rental – Concrete safety barriers available for rental to manage traffic and protect work zones. We deliver, install, and pick up.
  • Scaffolding Rental/Installation – Our extensive inventory allows us to fulfill scaffolding rentals of all sizes, along with expert installation services for commercial sites and complex projects.
  • Additional Offerings – Other rental products include hoists, yard ramps, portable offices, material handling equipment, and more. We have everything required to outfit and secure sites.

With strategic locations across the region, we are a leading single-source supplier of access equipment rentals and services that meet wide-ranging project needs.

Our Team

Our team’s capabilities and commitment to responsive, customized service have earned long-standing customer loyalty and satisfaction over 15+ years in business. Here’s a look at their outstanding features :


Expertise & Experience: The Keystone Shed and Scaffolding team is composed of construction, equipment operation, and project management professionals with decades of collective industry expertise. From certified builders and designers to equipment specialists, our staff skill sets cover residential, commercial, and industrial sites.


Skilled Workmanship: Our cabinetmakers, carpenters, welders, and metalworkers precisely construct high-quality, customized sheds tailored to project specifications. Meanwhile, our scaffold erection team includes extensively trained and certified safety experts.


Prompt Delivery: We pride ourselves on prompt solutions, flawlessly executing tailored builds, or providing just-in-time rental equipment deliveries across our region when and where needed.


Customized Solutions: With our tenured staff’s ingenuity, we develop customized shed designs and scaffolding setups to address the most unique project requirements with quality results.

Our Values/Mission

Everything we do at Keystone Shed and Scaffolding aligns with our core values:

  • Quality Workmanship – We are dedicated to expert construction and consistently precise, structurally sound builds. Our customers can expect sheds, scaffolding, and accessories to not only meet but exceed expectations.
  • Customer Service – Providing exemplary service is central to our operations, from design advice early on through timely project completion. We aim to be responsive, transparent, and easy to work with while catering to each client’s unique needs.
  • Safety – Safety underpins all execution, from equipment maintenance and job site precautions to mandatory training for employees. Following best practices while fostering a culture of accountability keeps projects running securely and smoothly.

Ultimately, our mission is to be the region’s top provider of storage buildings, access scaffolding, and rental equipment by delivering tailored solutions that perform reliably for years while giving customers peace of mind. Our long track record of referrals and satisfied repeat business from homeowners, businesses, and general contractors alike speaks to this mission fulfilled.

Our Customers

With over a decade of experience, Keystone Shed and Scaffolding has provided custom sheds, rental equipment, and scaffolding services for residential, commercial, institutional, and municipal clients across the region.


Our customers include:

  • Homeowners – We have designed and installed thousands of garages, sheds, backyard studios, and more to create additional living areas for all needs and budgets.
  • Small Businesses – Local establishments like restaurants, retailers, trade companies, and medical offices rely on us for storage expansions and scaffolding during renovations.
  • General Contractors – Major regional construction companies partner with us to outfit large job sites with extensive temporary access and safety setups meeting their specs.
  • Government Agencies – We fulfill municipal projects like creating secured storage for records, vehicles, or cold weather response equipment as well as public infrastructure initiatives requiring scaffolding.


From residential patios to airplane hangars, and specialty medical centers to entertainment venues, our portfolio covers buildings and sites across sectors. We appreciate the continued loyalty of long-time customers while welcoming new clients large and small.

Safety and Accreditations

At Keystone Shed and Scaffolding, we take safety seriously for our employees as well as the customers and communities we work among. Our exceptional safety record stems from a culture of continuous training, accountability, and following industry best practices.


Our safety milestones include:

  • New hire onboarding as well as regular skills refreshers and management check-ins to enforce protocols. Training covers areas like equipment handling, site security, working at heights, and more.
  • Equipment inspections, maintenance, and replacement regimens exceed manufacturers’ and OSHA specifications to prevent faults.
  • Strict use of certified rigging gear, fall prevention, barricades, and personal protective equipment tailored for every unique project environment.
  • Regular internal and external audits as well as root cause analysis of any incidents to promote ongoing improvement.