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Rigging services NYC plays a critical role in construction projects, especially those involving structural steel, heavy equipment, or tall cranes. Professional rigging requires extensive expertise, planning, and care to lift, move, and secure heavy and awkward loads safely and efficiently.

Using proper rigging equipment and techniques is essential for protecting workers, and the public, and preventing expensive damage to materials, machinery, or site infrastructure. With tons of material and machines needing elevation or relocation during various construction phases, specialized rigging know-how is indispensable.

Certified rigging contractors like Keystone Sidewalk Shed & Scaffolding NYC have the practical skills, equipment resources, and worksite responsiveness to conduct all facets of complex or basic rigging operations. This includes critical lifts, blind lifts where the load's path must clear obstacles, multiple-crane lifts needing precise coordination of operators, and securing awkward objects requiring custom rigging solutions.

Professional rigging services are a construction project's lifeline for keeping materials moving, workers productive, and job sites safe. While an overlooked niche trade to some, skilled rigging experts fill an integral logistical role in erecting modern structures and infrastructure.

About Keystone Sidewalk Shed & Scaffolding NYC

Keystone Sidewalk Shed & Scaffolding NYC is a locally owned and operated company providing sidewalk shed rentals, scaffolding, and professional rigging services throughout the five boroughs. Our team brings decades of hands-on experience serving commercial developers, general contractors, high rise builders, and property managers on projects big and small.

With an inventory spanning over 10,000 shedding and shoring components plus an extensive fleet of cranes, forklifts, and flatbeds, we can rapidly mobilize custom equipment packages to safely accommodate any job site's access or lifting needs.

We take pride in our reputation for delivering responsive solutions, adaptable project coordination, budget-conscious packages, and a dedication to customer service during your project's duration. Our safety-first focus is reflected in our company's high ratings across insurance bureaus.

Types of Rigging Services We Offer in NYC:

Our licensed NYC rigging company provides a full spectrum of equipment and expertise for construction and industrial jobs of any scope. Some core services we provide include:

Crane Rigging: We supply experienced crane operators, dogmen, and other support personnel for assembling tower, crawler, or mobile cranes and then configuring them for optimal lifts and load charts for your job site's needs. We ensure proper rigging of all crane components, including gin pole erection.

Heavy Equipment Rigging and Relocation: For renovations, infrastructure, or machinery upgrades requiring heavy equipment disassembly, removal, and reinstallation, we have the right lifts and transport capabilities to seamlessly execute your project. Forklift carriers, flatbeds, hydraulic jacks, and specialty cranes are commonly used.

Structural Steel/Fabricated Component Rigging: For job sites installing metal frameworks, trusses, HVAC components, or any fabricated materials, we supply steel erection crews plus necessary rigging tools for hoisting and final positioning.

Crane Rigging: Navigating Complex Lifts

Our specialized crews have the advanced crane rigging skills to expertly orchestrate intricate picks in compact urban environments, coordinate challenging multi-crane processes, and meet the unique logistical challenges of restricted access zones.

Heavy Machinery Moving: Precision in Motion

We enable the seamless assembly, disassembly, and relocation of heavy equipment with custom carriers fabricated to safely transport oversized, delicate, or awkward objects, keeping infrastructure upgrade projects precisely on schedule.

Specialized Lifting Solutions: Tailored Approaches

For non-standard rigging projects involving irregular shapes and loads requiring creative finesse, our experts engineer fully customized fixtures, braces, and attachments to strategize efficient concepts and tailor solutions where needed.

Choosing the Right Rigging Contractor in NYC

Selecting a qualified rigging contractor is important when undertaking complex lifts or moves in New York City’s landscape. When evaluating companies, key factors to consider should include safety track records and training procedures, extensive expertise across all rigging service niches, availability of a broad equipment inventory for tackling any project scope, experience interfacing with NYC agencies and compliance processes, well-coordinated project management and site supervision, and professionalism reflecting in insurance ratings and customer reviews.

The contractor’s capacity to actively listen and translate unique lifting challenges into customized, efficient solutions is also pivotal. With numerous high-value equipment, tight access constraints, and little margin for error on busy NYC job sites, you need an adept rigging partner you can fully trust will get intricate jobs done right. Check references thoroughly and align with an insured hometown rigging specialist with the versatility your next build requires.

Most Trusted Rigging Company in NYC

With well over 150 five-star ratings, out of any NYC rigger Keystone Shed and Scaffolding is regarded as the city’s most trustworthy and capable. Their New York-based veteran foremen have the hands-on experience to safely and efficiently solve complex lifting situations without relying on outside hires or equipment rentals.

From the trickiest commercial tower crane erections to blind material lifts over fragile facades in Midtown; the precision relocation of antiquated industrial machinery, to maneuvering awkward steel through Soho’s cast iron district; we have creative approaches and specialty gear to it all flawlessly.

Their largest portfolio offering one-stop access for any build’s rigging needs plus a deep dedication to custom safety measures makes us an ideal partner for navigating the demands exclusive to New York. For general contractors seeking reliable rigging, steel erectors needing an adaptable ally, or developers wanting assurance during high-value adds, aligning with Keystone brings confidence in the most proven native specialists.

Accreditation and Certifications

At Keystone Shed and Scaffolding, we maintain up-to-date accreditations from all relevant governmental, industrial, and third-party authorities. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for rigging operations of any scale across all five boroughs.

All our foremen hold NYC Department of Buildings Suspended Scaffold Superintendent licenses, while our riggers are certified by accredited associations like the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators and the National Center for Construction Education and Research. We Vigorously adhere to OSHA, ANSI, and ASME safety mandates.

Key personnel further hold advanced qualifications in rescue, signaling, inspection, and lift leadership disciplines. Our quality certifications coupled with longstanding area relationships with inspectorates like the DOB, DOT, DEP, and ConED reflect our commitment to responsible, code-compliant project execution. We welcome prospective clients to review our latest credentials.

Crane Rigging Company

When smooth crane operations hinge on precise rigging, few contractors bring the experiential breadth of Keystone Shed & Scaffolding. Having erected the entire structural latticework of steel icons like the Freedom Tower and Hudson Yards, we are New York’s most seasoned experts at leading complex crane rigging operations.

From the most compact construction sites to tallest commercial facades, and boutique residential builds to expansive infrastructure upgrades, our team has leveraged all crane and derrick systems to their load chart potentials across every conceivable environment this dense metropolis presents.

For pressure-filled projects allowing zero margins of error, developers leverage our insight into airspace intricacies and local code amendments when needing responsive NYC craning advisors. Having overcome the most logistically confounding jobs without incident, builders know aligning with Keystone brings reassurance of streamlined function should any unknowns arise on crane intensive jobs.

Why Choose Us?

When considering a rigging partner, choose the team with over 5,000 error-free New York City projects under their belt. Select the experts who train state inspectors on safe practices from gleaned wisdom lifting the city’s most prized landmarks. Ally with the company spearheading industry safety initiatives as daily leaders keeping workers from avoidable jobsite catastrophe.

At Keystone Shed & Scaffolding, we operate on a foundation of responsibility - whether rigging your small façade retrofit or a high rise bearing our hometown’s name across its crown. Our fleet scales to any assignment, from the pickiest boutique brownstone restorations needing custom cradling, to colossal metro-area infrastructure efforts requiring intricate staging.

And through it all, one promise stays constant: when you put your trust in our NYC rigging specialists, we will uphold and affirm that trust each day forward.

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For your next rigging services NYC, steel erection, or heavy material lifting project, rely on the hometown pros with the gear, know-how, and dedication to tackle any job safely and efficiently.

Contact Keystone Shed & Scaffolding NYC to speak with one of our lifting solution experts or to request a free quote. You can also visit for more information on our full range of cranes, machinery moving, scaffolding, and specialized lifting services meeting New York City’s unique needs. We look forward to working through your upcoming project’s challenges!